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Welcome to Self-Sufficient-Life - A growing resource of books, articles
and audio/visual about self sufficiency and rural and country style living.

Ten Acres Enough

vegetablegardening- Edmund Morris had dreamed for many years of
moving to the country, reading all he could about farming and taking a
keen interest in anything agricultural. His city life had had its ups
and downs and although close to bankruptcy on more than one occasion he
had managed to settle his affairs and resolved to quit the city before
things got any worse "the whole business horizon seemed full of coming
storms, which burst successively with desolating severity". He was
under no illusions; farming would be hard work and was unlikely to make
him rich, but he believed strongly that it could be made to keep him
and his family comfortable and so he embarked on his journey towards
self sufficiency...

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keeping chickens- Self Sufficiency and Homesteading Topics


Raising Guineas-

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